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We eliminate unpleasant odours and dirty spots of any severity to 100%

We work without days-off in the whole country

Why are We the best?

Take care and look out when electing the service provider

The majority of cleaning companies soak your furniture profusely with chemical solutions and will not wash the cleaning agent out, wherefore the items attract easily more dirt and wear and tear quicker.

Even worse so is that you and your family will have to breathe in and come into contact with residues of chemical agents, until we take action.

Do not let amateurs fool you with special low prices plying their trade by practicing on your valuable possessions.

Company «Diivanipuhastus» (Sofa Cleaning) knows the price of real cleaning and will not economize on its clients. In our work we only use the efficient and safe cleaning agents , and also expensive equipment.

As a result your furniture and carpets will be cleaned spotless of any stubborn dirt and the items cleaned will not change colour or form!

Company «Diivanipuhastus» (Sofa Cleaning) is an expert in the world of cleaning. Our operators will clean up the most challenging dirt and will transform your well-used dusty sofa into a brightly clean piece of furniture!

Our strengths and reasons of appeal


Unlike some competitors we do not falsify the photos of jobs performed for bogus advertising. As a proof to our professionalism we post in Your Tube the video clips, shooting the processes of transforming items with ingrained dirt into bright-clean objects.


In just a few hours we can remove dirty spots of any severity. You have been evidently said that coffee, blood, wine, beauty products, furnace oil and other stubborn dirt cannot be removed?! It is not so, because the operators of Diivanipuhastus will cope even with such problems!


After cleaning your furniture will not fade or discolour, it will not deform and will not exude obnoxious smell, and the carpets will not shrink in dimensions.

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