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We work without days-off in the whole country

The majority of modern cleaning companies are totally ignorant as to how the sofas and carpets are to cleaned. They attempt disguising their incompetence by offering various vouchers, free transportation or marginal cost below reasonable level. Falling prey to such tricks, you will place your items under great risk .

Here are just a few problems, confronting the clients ordering services from such companies:

Sofas and carpets are soaked with chemical agents concealing the dirty spots for the time being only. As soon as the items dry up, all the dirt is back there;

Due to such «cleaning» a sofa or a carpet start exuding foul smell. It is often caused by residues of chemical agents gone unwashed and by use of cheap and improper conditioning agents;

Carpets shrink in dimensions and are no longer fit for the room;

Operators conduct themselves offensively, they may arrive intoxicated and improperly clad;

Those companies will usually dismiss claims. They just cannot work otherwise due to excessively low cost of service and conveyor-belt approach to clients.

If you have faced such problems and will not want to suffer from substandard-quality dry-cleaning any longer, you should address the professionals like our company «Diivanipuhastus» (Sofa Cleaning).

Not only will we guarantee cleaning of all dirt from your furniture and carpets, but we will also please your heart with excellent quality service.

Our operators know their job and do it conscientiously, and you need not worry about your sofa or carpet, which will be handed to you perfectly clean, in a perfect state and at a shortest term.


To get the detailed price offer, you are advised to include the photo of the item to be cleaned in the below form:

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Washing of windows and facades:

Мойка окон и фасадов

Dry-cleaning of carpets and much more:

химическая очистка ковров

Professional restoration and treatment of wooden floors:

химическая очистка ковров

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